pixie dream

Pixie from London, 18 years old but only 5'1" (or 155cm).

SW: 66.7kg/147lbs

CW: 66.7kg/147lbs

BMI: 27.8 (overweight)

GW: 120lbs

(As of September 1 2011)
(BMI calculated on the NHS website)

I have a link in my navigation to all of my posts that are some kind of plan (workouts or diets or videos).

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You know what really depressing?

The fact that my dashboard is full of these really pretty girls with nice bodies who obviously worked hard to get to where they are, YET THEY ALL HAVE DECENT TO ABOVE AVERAGE BOOBS.

I’m going to have to work out so much, and cut out quite a bit of the food I like, just to get my arms, legs and tummy to look good. I bet if it was possible my boobs would end up in MINUS cup sizes. They’re really not going to exist. :(

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I’m back…

I haven’t posted for a while, which means I pretty much gave up on losing weight, which means that starting uni and over Christmas I put on so much weight.

I mean, I actually think I’m getting a double chin and my auntie actually told me I’m going to have to lose some weight. This is the auntie who always used to say ‘no no your legs look perfect’ when they looked barely different than they do now. So either they lied to me until they thought I could handle the truth and they let me get this way, or I really have just put on so much weight.


I’m back and I’m going to lose these squidgy bits.

Even if it does mean losing my stupidly disproportionate b cups and being sad about it for the rest of my life, its better than being sad about balloon calves, chafing, disgustingly oversized thighs, bingo wings that make me feel like I HAVE wings, stretch marks and a tummy that just seems to hang further over my jeans every. fucking. day.

I’m going to make my boyfriend proud to call me his girlfriend, even if he thinks he’s happy enough with me now. I’m going to make myself worthy of the princes of the world and if one were to ever propose marriage to me, I’d turn them down, because my boyfriend deserves the best, and I’m going to be the best.

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i sort of want tights like this but i probably don’t have the legs to pull them off and i’ll probably just look like a prostitute.
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Weighed myself at my boyfriends house yesterday and somehow I’m closer to 11 stone. I don’t know how or what I did wrong. :|